HongKong SOHO Plank

Part 1: The Day I Travelled To Hong Kong Alone
Part 2: GongCha & Chicken Rice in Hong Kong
Part 3: Dead Fish & Hong Kong Market
Part 4: Dinner At The Peak of Hong Kong!
Part 5: Breathtaking Hong Kong Night Scene + Breakfast

So after breakfast, we went to Central, SOHO and Lan Kwai Fong. Though I’ve been to these places before, but it was a fresh experience walking around with these bloggers from 5 diff countries lol

The taxi dropped us here and we started our journey.. to check out the area

See the escalator on the right? Yes we went up to the top

There was at least 4 fleets of escalators. Amazing

As we were coming back down, I planked.

The famous slope + green old school stalls + us! Bloggers from London, India, Austria, Malaysia, Finland, The Philippines!

We walked to the main road of Central.. look at the crazy amount of people crossing the junction!

Hot day.




  1. jolene

    smell anything when you planked?

  2. ed.inc

    the fifth pic got some problem!
    i found the girl of 2nd counted from right,her leg is gone!

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