Hot Coffee On A Cold Night In Incheon, Korea

So in the previous post, we were having dinner. Best food ever Ive tried so far in my Korea trip. Spicy rice cake with chicken on hot pan.

After we were done with the rice cakes and chicken, the lady boss came and poured rice on the pan and started frying it with some seaweed.

This was how the rice looked like when it was ready. Many of us didnt like the taste. Somehow I SUPER LIKE IT! lol Tasted like those Korea corn water + seaweed + kimchi. AMAZING.

After dinner, we were given 1.5 hours to do our own stuff before going back to the hotel. So Tan, Yas and I went to have a walk downstairs to look at the shops there.

IT… WAS… FREEZING OUTSIDE! I think the temperature that night was about 3’c. lol with super strong wind.

CHECK OUT the video below to see how we run into the cofffee shop cos it we couldnt stand the strong cold wind. LOL

TOM TOM COFFEE. It’s like another Starbucks in Korea.

Having hot coffee that night was like a blessing.

Watch this video below to see more.


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