How many cafes can one visit and eat at all of them? We tried. It was crazy!

So a while back, 2 Singaporean buddies of mine came to KL to hang out and to check out the cafes in town.
As a very welcoming friend and a very awesome one, I brought them to a few. We tried fitting as many as we could.

Here are some photos from the cafes we went to.

One of cafes we visited was Underground Societe. Tried their alcoholic coffee and stuff. Had desserts. It was nice.

Gotta pose a bit before moving on to the next location.

Suddenly we felt like eating pizza and pasta. So we dropped by Jibby & Co in Subang.

The food was so good! Maybe cos we were hungry.

Next was to The Front Door at Petaling street.

Had their toasts with all sorts of toppings.

Yum! Actually we went to a few more but let’s just keep those photos for another day. 🙂


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