HP Ink Advantage! Get Twice As Many Prints for Less!

So I got to play around with the HP printers which comes with some amazing inks. These ink cartridges can print up to 600 pages at RM27. Which means it prints at a very low cost-per-page at 4.5 sen!

Here are the inks, Tricolor and Black.. still in the packaging.

Unwrapped and ready to use.

Here we go. Inserting the cartridges into the HP k209a printer.

I have attempted to print most of my Instagrams out and look at that.. so vibrant colours!

Closer look. Vivid colour, high contrast.

How does it perform in printing text? AWESOME! Can you see how sharp the black texts is? No dirty ink leakages and no messy outlines.

Awesome printouts, awesome printer and awesome inks all in 1 shot. 😀

Check out the HP Ink Advantage here!



  1. Maverick

    Wow, gotta buy 50 of these printers!

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