Hungry Hancock

James Bond, Tony Stark and Clark Kent were subordinates of Mr.Xavier.

One day, Mr. Xavier gave the 3 of them an assignment in an envelope.

They 3 opened it and took out a piece of paper respectively.

Mr. Bond’s paper says “Kill Clark Kent”

Mr. Stark’s paper says “Kill James Bond”

and Mr. Kent’s paper says “Kill Tony Stark”

With each of them having different intelligence, gadgets and powers…. who do you think will survive in the end?




Mr. Popcrap.

Today we have 3 POPCRAPs.

Popcrap 1

I shot this recently… this thing here is fried carrot cake… tastes like Char Kuey Teow… but its not. Damn nice to eat with chili sauce.

Popcrap 2

I watched Hempop Hancock last week and I rate it 7.5/10

The 7.5 actually came from the 1st half of the movie… then other half scores 0. Why? Cos the sudden change of storyline totally runied the superhero movie feel and became a disaster movie. Hate the scene when Hancock was fighting with Charlize Theron. Hate the fact that Hancock isnt the only special one in the movie. Hate the ending.

… but the 1st half was damn good. What say you?

Popcrap 3

Woot! less than 10 days! Wanna get a blog header for your blog? Love mp3 players? Then you gotta grab as many friends as you can now to help you. Stay tuned.



  1. day-dreamer

    Watch Journey to the Centre of the Earth!

    smashpOp Replies:

    i wan!!! but fully booked omg can!

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  3. joshuatly

    you are completely correct for the hancock. Im quite disappointed about the stupid two part story line… haha!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah thats y… the first part was rerally good. i especially love the scene after he come out from jail.. he can control himself and everyone loved him

    joshuatly Replies:

    i hope they will cut off the 2nd part and extend the story on the 1st part,, then it will be perfect!

  4. Alice Teh

    I love carrot cakes! Yummm…

    I haven’t watch Hempop Hancock, so no idea how the ending is…

    smashpOp Replies:

    faster watch!

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