Hyde Park

ok let’s continue our walk back from Darling Harbour bridge to the hotel can?

I think this is York Street if im not mistaken.. ahaha the road in the city towards my hotel..

before reaching our hotel, we detoured to Hyde Park… which was just across the road.

damn nice place… a lot of Sydney ppl go there for picnic.. relax or even do discussions and meetings among friends.

hello shadow!(wah it rhymes! lol)

a few more shots taken and we then left the park.

this time we r really heading back to the hotel.

In there, we did not have much things to do.. so we go online and update our blogs lor..

We love our MACs. Do you love your PC? lol kiddin.

We sat there for about 2 hours when we had to rush back to our hotel rooms respectively for shower and get changed… why?

well… you will know tomorrow 😛


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