After lunch, we got our keys… 2 person 1 room.. and I was sharing the room with Joshua. The room damn nice… has 2 queen sized bed and a bar kinda thing.

Alyse and Yvonne got the room next to ours.. that was why we went to the rooms together (check out the video at the end of this post)

Before getting to our rooms, we were wondering if the resort provides Internet services cos we needed to check facebook and blogs.. ahahhaha

Then we saw the pc at one corner of the room… WITH INTERNET CONNECTION! lolololol

After settling down, we all gathered and went to the swimming pool.

Everyone was resting in their rooms but the 5 of us went n played water.. ahah

UUUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! like never played water before… lolol

OK Check out this video of us and the ‘tin poh’ (crazy woman in cantonese) haha



  1. renaye

    wow.. the room is so cool! that hotel must be expensive!

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