I Got A 3310 Room In Abu Dhabi And You Won’t Believe How Amazing It Is

So back in October I got invited by Nokia to attend the annual Nokia World event which was held in Abu Dhabi and I arrived there after flying for uncountable number of hours.

I was super excited as it was my first ever trip to Abu Dhabi. Never imagined that I would step foot in that part of the earth before this lol.

As I arrived, feeling lost and alone, I spotted these guys holding up the sign that says “NOKIA WORLD” and I ran towards them telling them that I was the one they were waiting for. I got into a van and they brought me to the hotel.

Took this from inside the van as we arrived at Dusit Thani Hotel.

It was a very quiet hotel but feels very premium and classy. I checked myself in.

As I took the bubble lift up to the 33rd floor, I couldnt stop taking photos cos it was so high and the view from the lift was amazing! The lobby looked so tiny below me. Haha!

Not sure if this was planned or just coincidence but I got the 3310 room. In the next post, I will reveal to you what’s behind the door. Stay tuned.

You may check out some photos on my Instagram: @SMASHPOP


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