I tried Ippudo’s New Ramen & Chef’s Special and I went crazy!

The next time you go to Bangsar, you should totally go try the new ramen and chef’s items for July. It was really awesome. Lemme show you guysssssss!

So I went there 2 weeks ago to try out these items below. As usual, the ramen and stuffs were really good, knowing Ippudo’s standard. Ok here we go.

Had this thing called ‘Marinated Cream Cheese with Crispy Seaweed’. The blocks of cream cheese were soft and quite salty, but after wrapping it using seaweed along with some wasabi, it tasted really good! Oh this thing costs RM21. To be honest, its quite expensive for the portion they prepared.

In case you want to order but not sure how to consume, this is how.

Then we had this Jumbo Ebi Tempura. It’s basically tempura but the prawns were huge. Crunchy and fresh. Easily a favourite option if I were to guess. RM38.

This was the gem of the night. It was soooooo good I kinda died instantly ahahahh. They call it ‘Ippudo Ocean Roll’. Basically its a combination of salmon, avocado, crabstick, seaweed and premium fish roe, served with teriyaki sauce. MUST TRY! Like REALLY! RM18.

The chef then came to talk to us about the new ramen.

Here it is! The star of the night; Tokushima Ramen.
Chicken and pork broth mixed together with dark soy sauce, served with straight noodles with pork belly, green onions and bamboo shoots. There’s also a raw egg on top, for us to mix it with the broth. It was so good I drank all of it. RM25++.

So anyway, if you wanna try these items, they are only available in Bangsar and Gardens outlets, from July 6th onwards. So yea. Go lah 😀


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