I wanna be a Lala

***Photos below were taken using Jen’s camera and some were scanned by Rames***


Remember the Smurfs theme song? It goes something like this.. “la la la la la la.. sing a happy song…”

or maybe that’s too old for you…

then do u remember the song by Ashlee Simpson “i wanna be a lala! in the kitchen on the floor~~”

and recently, Rihanna had a song which is similar to the above 2.. the song went something like this ” la la la la la la la la la la la (oh) Cause He’s got me singing that la la la ”

they all have “lalala” in them. I think they were inspired by the people you see everyday in Sg.Wang shopping center.

So one day, we went there and tried to fit in.

Most of the people in Sg. Wang like to take pictures using those japanese photo machines.. we wanna do it too. So I got my accessories ready.

Black earrings(Jen’s fingernail), super big black sunglasses(borrowed from Rames) and of course.. my phone.

ok lets go and squeeze ourselves in those small photo machines!

TIPS: you don need to pay $$$ for those tiny tiled pics.. just bring your own camera and snap away using their background curtains! 😀

oh if you have paid, just pose in front of their build in camera and spotlights and you will get this:

quite nice actually… the lights make everyone look good in the pictures.

then you will have to make a very important decision.

what effects to add? put stars ah? put love love bling bling ching ching chang chang?

what text to put? i lap you? friends forever?

i would say… dont put. cos the effects will block your faces and make the photos look noob.

but if you really want… the come back home and put in by yourselves lor

jeng jeng jeng! I took the LaLa Pose 3 photo and added those noob effects in using photoshop. same oni. lol

ok HOW TO BE A LALA tutorial ends here.


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