I’m A People U May Know! Lol

3 months ago Dennis had his birthday party at his house. He had his whole bunch of dancer friends over and also hi-skool frens.

The moment I arrived, everyone was watching Battleground.. lol.. it felt weird to see the people on the screen sitting around me looking at themselves ahahhahh but it was fun…

So what did we do after that?

Talk non stop.. oh and eat too.

Chilling and posing for cameras lol

… and some were just too occupied with their PSPs.

The bday boi and his ‘maids’ haha

Basically the whole night was just about chilling talking and camhoring lah..

I think this was the funniest birthday present that night ahuahuahuah

Ok more photos tomorrow!



  1. ah hong

    Nice t-shirt with cool wordz 😀

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahha damn china la the words

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