Incubus Is Coming! Your Band Could Be The Opening Act!

WOOHOO! Incubus is coming to Malaysia yo! Cant wait to see them perform LIVE in KL!

Super love their songs like “Megalomaniac”, “Drive” and “Wish You Were Here”.

I still remember the last time they came to KL, they performed at Kiara Equestrian Park… which was like soooo many years ago. It’s really great to see them back in Malaysia… that shows ours country BOLEH! Ahahha

Do you wanna win tickets to their concert? YOU CAN!
Fly FM & Hot FM will be giving away tickets so stay tuned to these 2 radio stations.

OK just in case you are not aware or how awesome Incubus is… I thought… why not show you my FAVVVVVVVORITE music video by these guys kan?

Do you know that your band could be the opening act for their performance on the 23rd of July 2011?!

Just have to submit your entry on Tune Talk’s Open 4 Incubus application!! The application will start receiving entries from the 13th-26th of June & voting for the bands will be opened from 4th-16th July.


Here’s how your band can enter:

1.      The “Open 4 Incubus” Contest is divided into 3 phases:

1.1.     Entries are valid from 00:01 hours of 13th June 2011 to 23:59 hours of 26th June 2011 (hereinafter known as “the Entries period”)

1.2.     Voting Top 10 is valid from 00:01 hours of 4th July 2011 to 23:59 hours of 10th July 2011 (hereinafter known as “the Voting Top 10 period”)

1.3.     Voting Top 5 is valid from 00:01 hours of 11th July 2011 to 23:59 hours of 16th July 2011 (hereinafter known as “the Voting Top 5 period”)

2.      The Contest is open to all.

3.      The rules of the Entries comprise of the following requirements:

3.1.     Interested participants are to register themselves via Open 4 Incubus Facebook application at Tune Talk’s Facebook Fan Page.

3.2.     Each band is only allowed 1 submission.

3.3.     Bands need to upload either a music video or an audio recording of their vocal performance onto and share the link via the application during the Entries period.

3.4.     By submitting your entry and in the event a band is shortlisted to The Top 5, they consent to attend the Finale Ground Event. Failure to do so will result in instant disqualification.

4.      Between the 25th to the 26th of June, Tune Talk and a panel of selected judges will shortlist the entries to the Top 10 bands. These bands will be announced on the 27th June 2011 via Tune Talk’s Facebook Fan Page.

5.      The Top 10 Bands, with the assistance of Astro hitz, will be given 1 week to produce a music video of their performance. This video will be uploaded on Tune Talk’s Facebook Fan Page by the 3rd of July 2011 for Voting.

6.      The rules of Voting Top 10 and Voting Top 5 comprises of the following requirements:

6.1.     Voting can be done via 2 methods:

6.1.1.        Via Tune Talk Facebook Fan Page

A voting application will be made available on Tune Talk’s Facebook Fan Page

Only 1 vote is allowed per user.

6.1.2.        Via SMS  Only open to Tune Talk subscribers  To vote, SMS ‘Band name’ to 7777. Each SMS will be charged RM 0.20  No limitation on number of votes per person.

7.      After the Voting Top 10 period closes, votes from the Facebook application and SMS will be tabulated. The Top 5 bands with the most votes will progress to the next stage. All scores will then be reset to zero.

8.      These Top 5 Bands will be required to perform at a Grand Finale ground event on the 16th July 2011 to be held in the Klang Valley (Venue TBA) Travel, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses of bands are at their own expense.

9.      Final score for the Top 5 bands will be tabulated after the Voting Top 5 period ends and it will constitute 60% of the overall score. Calculation example as per:

9.1.     Band ABC received 100 votes via application and 100 votes via SMS. Total votes is 200

Band DEF received 90 votes via application and 90 votes via SMS. Total votes is 180

Band JKL received 80 votes via application and 80 votes via SMS. Total votes is 160

Band MNO received 70 votes via application and 70 votes via SMS. Total votes is 140

Band XYZ received 60 votes via application and 60 votes via SMS. Total votes is 120

Band ABC has the highest votes hence they will receive 6 points

Band DEF will receive 5 points coming in with the 2nd highest votes

Band JKL gets 4 points

Band MNO gets 3 points

Band XYZ gets 2 points

10.  Incubus will make the final selection and contribute the balance 40% (which constitutes 4 points) of the overall score. The Band with the highest points will win. In the event of a tie, Tune Talk reserves the right to select the winning band based on the most SMS votes received.

11.  Announcement of the winning band will be made by Incubus during the media press conference scheduled to happen on Friday, the 22nd of July 2011 (Venue TBA). The Winning band is required to attend the press conference.

12.  The winning band will the prize of opening for Incubus during their concert here in Stadium Negara, KL on the 23rd of July 2011. No other remuneration will be given to them.


There  might be a ‘special’ surprise on the Tune Talk’s Facebook, so please stay tuned.

JYEAHHHHH ITS TIME FOR INCUBUS CRAZE YO! Check out my phone wallpaper!



  1. Anne

    They’ll be in the Philippines next month too so I’m quite excited about that! I enjoyed their last concert here 3 years ago so I’m not missing this too.

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