Innov8 Run!

Yesterday I got an email from Sue… the thin girl from previous Samsung event (thats according to her la..) I need to see her in real life to know if she is really thin.

Anyway, thats not the point. The point is that she sent me an invitation to join the Samsung Innov8 Run, in conjunction of the launch of their latest 8megapixel camera Symbian phone.

In order to be selected, I need to blog about the reasons why I wanna to be part of the run. So here goes.

1. I wanna be there again with my friends so that we can take the same photo as the one we took last year at the Samsung event we attended.

Nice kan?

2. I wanna try the new phone. As you may already know, I love gadget and I love Symbian… The Innov8 is the gadget that I wanna play with the most since it spots an 8mpx camera and plays DivX!

2.8″ screen… GPS, WiFi, 3G, smile detection, face detection… and many many more detection la… i think anyone who uses this phone will become a detective. lol

3. I also wanna see some friends that might have not met for a very long time, especially Cherrie. She used to be our very close friend and goes out together all the time. We even attended the Samsung event last year together.

This was taken when Samsung bought all of us free lunch.. pasta…. I can still remember every moment. hahaa

4. Another reason to join the Innov8 Run is so that we can use the 8mpx camera on the phone to camho lor.. ahahha 8 megapixel you know.. don play play.. pimples and the hair inside our nose also all come out. ahahha

Imagine if we were to be in a team running around KL holding the Samsung Innov8 and we had to take photos of some buildings or landmarks… then we include our faces in the photos…. Im sure those will be damn nice pics. lollololol

See this photo? Not so nice rite? Haha.. cos it’s not taken with Samsung Innov8.. thats why,

So now that I have stated out the reasons why I wanna join Samsung Innov8 Run… im sure the good people there will pick me right? Thanks. 😀

I still remember this photo was taken last year when we got the L760 for trial.

We even discussed in MSN just now how to post this in our blogs.. and how to take nice photos if we get to be part of the Innov8 Run.



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  2. ahmike

    lol, nice samsung siao one 8mgpx.. and nice friends..

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha yea man the next one to have 8mpx out is SE

  3. Mc_Bone aka Chooi Leang

    pop! i wanna go!
    but then no plc to stay 🙁
    so,no choice, not going lor

    smashpOp Replies:

    aiyo.. come my place. lol.. pay rent a bit

  4. Mc_Bone aka Chooi Leang

    ur hse ka?
    scared ler…
    later kena ‘smashed’ by POP

    smashpOp Replies:


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