Instagrams from Port Dickson & Melaka

I just came back a while ago from a trip to Port Dickson and Melaka with my family.

Here are some Instagrams I tweeted these 2 days. Too tired. Gonna sleep very soon.

Here goes.

We stayed at Avilion Admiral Cove. Got to know about this resort from my previous company trip. We got the sea view room. Amazing.

Chillin at the beach.

Coincidently, Aaron Kee also was there at the hotel with his friends and we bumped into each other at midnight LOL (This photo was taken at Melaka as he was there as well.. saw him after I was done with my chicken rice balls)

Outdoor breakfast for the win! Birds chirpin + cooling wind + great view of the boat dock.

Last activity before going to Melaka.. riding the tricycle! RM20 for an hour. Not bad.

The reason we went to Melaka was to try their famous chicken rice balls and Cendol.. but had to queue for about an hour… can die. lol

Finally got it. Tried it.. and erm.. wasnt very outstanding lah. normal only.

ok dats it goodnight all!



  1. Aaron Kee

    I went for the Chicken Rice ball the very next day. Barely
    5 mins and we were inside hahaha. But it wasn’t that delicious
    anymore. OVERRATED.

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