Introducing “Instagram Saturday!” on

Since most of us love looking at Instagram photos (some are even addicted to it haha) and I post TONNES of photos to Instagram everyday, I thought why not I officially declare Saturdays as an Instagram day on !

What is “Instagram Saturday!” on all about?

– I feature an Instagram photo as “favorite of the week”.
– Photo may be posted by you, me or anyone at all.

Want your Instagrams to get FEATURED on “Instagram Saturday!”? Can! There are 2 ways:

– You can tag me @smashpop when you post a photo on Instagram on your iPhone (I will then check your photo out).
– Or you can just leave a comment every Saturday telling me what your Instagram username is.

This is just for fun and if you feel like taking part, you will make many people happy… but if no one leaves comment or tag me, I will just feature my own photos every week. Haha.

Featured this week: Lines Lines People Lines.
Submitted by: smashpOp

3 more Instagrams I posted this week.

The Twin Towers

My Macchiato




  1. simonso

    lazy to bring camera out say lah.. instagram saturday wo..cheh!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahahahahah wat woi

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