iPhone 4 in Malaysia: Announcements, Teasers & Final Launch Details

Greetings to all Malaysians.

Are you waiting for iPhone 4 to be launched here? Are you excited? Are you hoping that it will be launched NOW?
Before we move on to the juicy part, let’s have a look at how the iPhone 4 hype started.

Back in June 2010, Apple announced their 4th generation iPhone, the iPhone 4. According to Steve Jobs, it will be made available in5 countries on June 24th. US, France, Germany, UK and Japan.
Malaysian’s who was watching the keynote will definitely hope to see the word “Malaysia” on the screen behind SteveJobs. But NO it wasnt there.

Steve then announced that the iPhone 4 will be out in 18 more countries in July 2010.
Singapore was in the list… Hongkong as well… but NOPE.. Malaysia wasnt there.

So I was quite sure Malaysia is included in the September 2010 release date as they will be bringing the iPhone 4 to 88 countries.
I was thinking “IT HAS TO BE SEPTEMBER!”

One fine day… back in August… Maxis & Digi both tweeted the link to their respective sites to register interest for the iPhone 4. Those 2 tweets and their ‘register interest’ pages got the whole Malaysia hyped up as we all then knew that iPhone 4 was on its way to our shores.

Everyone got this email from Maxis after we have ‘registered our interest’.

On September 3rd, Maxis striked again to further tease Malaysians with another email.

For techy people… they do know that iPhone 4 uses a microsim and not the usual sim card, but many more didnt know about this. Maxis had launched the microsim that time to cater for people whom have been using iPads as most of the iPad 3G users needed micro sims.

All the hype had been around Maxis from August til September. “What about DiGi? They asked us to register interest and thats it? No more news?”

On September 13th, SoyaCincau blogged about DiGi releasing MicroSims for RM20 each. This also proved that DiGi was preparing to launch iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4 is very very near to launch.

Here’s a screenshot of the FAQ for MicroSim on Digi’s website.

Knowing Maxis and Digi are competing with the iPhone 4 launch, I knew Maxis will definitely fight back the hearts of Malaysians.

On September 13th, they sent out their 4th iPhone 4 teaser announcement. This time, they had nothing much to talk… so I think they just simply inserted tips on backing up and syncing data on iTunes. LOL.

From that day onwards… everyone has been speculating the launch date for iPhone 4 in Malaysia. Some said 13th Sept.. some said 22nd Sept.. some said 24th Sept..

There’s even a thread in Lowyat.net that talks about iPhone 4 launches in different countries, price speculations, launch dates etc etc etc

Today, DiGi sent out an announcement in the email. According to them, they will be launching the iPhone 4 NEXT WEEK.

I then did a quick check on what’s happening on Maxis’ website.

At the bottom of the page, it says “register of interest is now closed… check back for more info”.. WOAHHHH CLOSED ALREADY! THEY MUST BE PREPARING TO UPDATE THE FINAL PAGE SOON!

DiGi has also changed the design for their iPhone 4 page. It now says “stay tuned for updates in the next few days”

So til today… what are the ‘so called’ confirm information on iPhone 4 launch? From all the sources that I gathered from, friends.. forums… tweets… here are the details which I think is quite confirmed.


LAUNCH DATE & TIME: 24th September 2010 12midnight.
LAUNCH EVENT: 23rd September 2010
LAUNCH EVENT TIME: Should be at night.. probably around 8 or 9pm.. til midnight when the sale starts.
LAUNCH VENUE: Probably The Gardens
EVENT ENTRY: Should be by invites only.. but excited humans like us can always gather around the venue.

Well you can… Maxis might also roll out a pre-booking scheme before the launch event. Then on the launch event, you just go, collect number docket and wait for midnight to come. Those who didnt prebook might just have to queue lah.

According to people in Lowyat.net forum, the price should be as follows:
iPhone 4 16GB – RM 2,290.00 (without contract)
iPhone 4 32GB – RM 2,690.00 (without contract)


Nothing much yet. Should be on the same date and time as Maxis.

So there you have it, the announcements, teasers & final launch date.



  1. J

    i’m pissing my pants nowww! cant wait cant wait! oh yea!

    smashpOp Replies:

    oh yeah lol

  2. mayc

    yuhoo cant wait for it..btw the price not sure yet right?roughly around there?i guess 2.3k worth to buy it..:) well will follow up for more updates.

    smashpOp Replies:

    get it with a contract la cheaper

  3. Dylan

    haha Maxis n DG forever at war.. seems like iphone 4 quite affordable also for the working people. yes? no?

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah okok lah

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  5. scamboy

    The lowyat forum link, you referred page 63 when the original link is in page 62.

    And original link refers to Malaysianwireless.com

    Cheers bro.

  6. Ylun

    obviously Malaysia is fall under 3rd class country list..the June list obviously is those most powered and advanced countries…and July list are those influenced and high GDP…malaysia? one of the 88 “so so” countries.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah yeah.. “the rest of them” lol

  7. AddisonLai

    woot~ nice ‘report’ :p

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    thanks wor lol

  8. henry^munkey

    Celcom can balik kampung already… always at the back from Digi & Maxis

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    ahah they r launching iphone in oct

  9. Bolehland.net

    aaaaaa ipon 4!

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  10. JLean

    Wao, nice information there Jason. Hmm, I so wanna get myself this Iphone but the price abit over budget for me. =(. Sigh. Will try to save up for it.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah okok hope u get enough budget to buy soon ehhe

  11. Vicky

    But how come my friend in Brunei got one Iphone 4 already? o.O her phone there also got “water bubbles” too XD

    smashpOp Replies:

    har.. its probabbly from us or aust or other countries lo

  12. Nvidia

    Great report and round up of the news. I switched to Digi a few months ago, curious how the Digi pre order will look.

    Pretty much Sep 23 night or Sep 24 early morning will be launch time.

    Screw Maxis, it’s Digi all the way for me baby…!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahhaa gogo get your iphone from digi! 😀

  13. EVo

    This is the best teaser ever!

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  14. ahsiang

    the cover to prevent drop call on iPhone 4 is included free?
    If not then I have to do this?
    http://outdatedpenanguncle.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-fix-your-poor-iphone4-reception.html 😛

  15. 9033099

    good job

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