Ipoh Street in Penang

Ho ho ho! the moment I arrived in Penang, I went to the hotel to check in. It was Naza Hotel.. located next to the Chinese Swimming Club.

After that, we went for lunch at Gurney plaza. Didnt know why we were there.. but we were there lah… so we went down to LG and mum saw this shop. Ipoh Street.

So we went and try.. thought it would be like Oldtown Kopitiam in KL… but..

the food sux!!

The curry mee was ok.. not bad.. boleh tahan.. can stand.

sux: tasteless.

Sux: chicken was like rubber.. cold.. and the mushroom gravy was stupid.

one bowl of curry mee costs about rm5-6 there. lol. damn joke.

then we went out of the building to rest and to chill at coffee bean.

hmm what’s next? Which part of Penang did I go to?


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