Ippudo Garden’s July menu gave me tears. Soft shell crab bun is my favourite!

I recently got to try out Ippudo Malaysia’s latest July menu items. The 7 food featured here gave me tears, sweat and beautiful dreams. Want to know more? Come scroll down a bit 😛

Before we check out the food, we should also check out the interior design lah ok. It’s actually my 2nd time visiting the Gardens outlet and I like how the ambience gives me a feeling that I am dining in Japan. OK let’s move on.

First appetiser, PEPERON EDAMAME! As simple as it sounds, it actually packs a punch. The edamame is tossed in dried chilli, Japanese spice and olive oil. Too salty for my liking but I heard it was supposed to be salty to excite your tastebuds. RM9.

Next up, HAKATA HITOKUCHI NIGIRI. It’s basically hand roll served with sliced omelet and sliced basil topped with mentaiko. All of us agreed that it tasted like ‘loh mai kai’ (chickend glutinuous rice). RM14 for 4 pcs.

SOFT SHELL CRAB BUN. This is the bomb! Star of the night. Master of tastebud. Superman of DC. It’s so so good. The scoft shell crab is crunchy on the outside and juicy inside. Served with teriyaki sauce in a steamed bun. I would totally re-visit for this dish. RM10.

TAKOYAKI. Taste a bit better than those we eat elsewhere. Just a bit. It’s actually Japanese octopus dumplings served with takoyaki sauce. RM14.

This is the least favourite among all. SALMON FOIL YAKI. Spicy ponzu served with steamed salmon and assorted vegetables. I didn’t understand this dish. Tasteless, meatless and yeah basically you can skip this one. RM20.

Main dish of the night. KARAKA-MEN. Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth served with spicy miso, cashew nuts and ground pork with 3 level of spiciness to choose from. I tried both level 1 and level 3. I think you should just order level 3. It’s not SUPER spicy. Totally acceptable. RM27.90.

Yay! Dessertttttt 😀 ICE CREAM BUN. Deep fried bun (the same bun with soft shell crab above, but fried) served with vanilla and green tea ice cream. SO GOODDDDD. RM12.90.

Thanks Ippudo Malaysia for the invitation!

Hakata Ippudo
Lot-T218, The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur


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