Is that Katy Perry in my room? Nope. Just her song playing via the Creative SoundBlaster Roar

Just about a week ago, I posted an Instagram of my desk in my room, showing off a new gadget. Here’s the photo I posted.

Yup, that squarish thing on the left, is the Creative SoundBlaster Roar. It’s Creative’s latest wireless speaker, powered by 5-drivers which is as portable as a booklet and has multiple features that will literally blow your mind. I’m serious.

So let’s take a closer look at this toy. According to Creative, the ROAR provides mind-shattering performance. Wow. That’s a big statement but is it true? Well, I can say that it does produce amazing audio, with deep bass and clear treble, which makes every song that comes out of it sounding realistic and soothing to the ears.

I personally like to use it in my room as the ROAR is able to fill up the whole room with my music as if the speaker is built into the walls. Creative calls this “Space-Filling Dispersion”. It’s really an amazing experience that you can only feel if you have it in your room. (Or you can come to my room to experience it yourself, if you are staying nearby)

So the ROAR can play music via a few methods:
– Wireless
– Analog
– Digital USB
– Standalone

Let’s talk about ‘Standalone’. It basically means that the ROAR supports Micro-SD card. Once you plug it in, you can use the playback control buttons to play, pause, forward and rewind your tracks. There’s also a toggle to switch between suffle and linear playback. I personally wish they support SD cards instead of Micro-SD cos I feel that it’s not a common memory card format that everyone has nowadays.

Now let’s talk ‘Wireless’. The ROAR plays music via NFC/Bluetooth. Just tap your NFC enabled phones to the icon on the top of the speaker and music will get transferred from your phone to the ROAR. It’s really simple even my mum knows how to do it lol. The pairing is seamless but it takes about 4 seconds to complete, which is not bad but wish it is faster. Maybe I’m just impatient. If you are using an iPhone, you’ve gotta pair it via bluetooth manually.

Apart from playing music, it also functions as a power bank! (It has a built-in 6000mAH battery that delivers 8 hours of playback per charge). Just plug your phone cable to this USB port and it charges your phone instantly. Great when you are partying outdoor and your phone battery is running low.

Here’s a scenario I thought of which should be posibble but have yet to try:
– Play music on your phone
– Broadcast it on ROAR via bluetooth/NFC
– Phone battery runs low
– Plugs phone to ROAR.
– TADA! Full circle of connection! ROAR plays music and charges your phone at the same time! Geddit? No? OK nevermind. Lets move on.

Watch this brief demo if you are lazy to read. Anyway, the ROAR also has a one-touch Siren, in case you need help while partying in the forest. It also has an audio recorder built-in so you can record a phone conversation, a discussion or a song playing via Bluetooth.

As I’ve mentioned, the ROAR is portable, hence you can bring it to anywhere you want. If you are, then this carry-bag is essential. But if you plan to only use it at home then you definitely don’t need to buy this.

So there you go. My experience in using the ROAR and hope it helps you if you are in the decision making process in getting a wireless speaker. BTW, the price is $199, which is about RM520. For more info, do check out the website at


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