Ivans Birthday Dinner

Last week we gave Ivan a birthday surprise dinner at Pizza Uno, Centrepoint.

(Honestly, it was my first visit to Centrepoint.. omg.. i didnt expect it to be so… dull inside… ahah.. i dowan go there again can? :þ)

Let’s have a colour photo to start n end this post ya

Jen came quite early.. in fact,,, she was 3 hours early! ahha at about 7 something she was already starving like mad.. so she ordered this to makan first.

Ivan… 22y.o now.. haha

Group photo was a bit difficult to take if everyone was to fill each n every empty space in the photo. So we seperated to 2 groups.


smashpOp wears an emo specs. Slinky wears and emo specs too. oh! Bryanchin also wears emo specs!



  1. smashin' pOpstar

    […] ok back to topic. Few weeks ago we went lunch at Nandos, Citrus Park OUG. Asyraf joined ust too. A bit weird.. cos havent met him for 2 years already.. I think it was… since.. Ivan’s birthday dinner. […]

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