I’ve Got Clean Air & Karaoke In My Car

What? Clean air? Karaoke?
Well.. yup. Thanks to this new gadget I’ve been using recently.. both of it can happen at the same time in my car.

Check this out! It’s the SHARP Plasmacluster Ion for my car! It’s basically a generator of plasmacluster ion that is activated when plugged into the car. By releasing these ions, odours, viruses and dust can be removed from the air in the car.

The device fits nicely in the cup holder between the 2 seats in front. There are 2 buttons on the plasmacluster device; Mode and Turbo. Mode is to set the power of the release on ions and Turbo basically means setting it to the maximum power.

Sometimes I do place is below the dashboard so I am able to look at the indicator and easier for me to adjust the settings.

Guess what.. when the car is stopped or stuck in jam.. I can grab it and assume it’s a mic and sing along to the songs played on the radio! Hahahha

So apart from the SHARP Aquos I mentioned earlier, this is how I spent hours of my daily life in the car. Living In Sharp Life.


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