January Design

Hello people… a bit late this month but its finally up! lol

Goodbye December 08.


If you are still seeing the December layout, please press ctrl+f5 to refresh the page.



  1. TIan Chad


    I thought there would be a cow in this year instead of dragon ;p

  2. day-dreamer

    LOL~ so festive!

  3. EVo

    Bro ur damn good at vector graphix wei 🙂

  4. Stanley

    Nice new layout =) Gong hei! GOng hei!

  5. cHrIstInA_YY

    LoL, I changed my template from pink to black and you changed yours from black to red?! Haha, love ya new header like others!!!

  6. maRCus

    haisey man.. banyak cantik lar.. gong xi gong xi… XD

  7. ijansempoi

    Wah.. nice, raye more already huh?

  8. Infectioner

    eh I’m using MacBook now la, cannot Ctrl + F5 :p

  9. Frankie

    nice design babe 😀 u rock

  10. [email protected]!ra~

    gong xi gong xi !! heheh~ *winks*

  11. ahmike

    Speechless xD Damn Nice

  12. Tze

    As a chinese not even keen to put Chinese word character in your CNY wallpaper design…..What a shame!!

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