JCO Revisited

2 weeks ago… I went to J.CO again… this time with Patrick.

The queue was damn frightening ok… but then we just couldnt leave the place without tasting some J.Co donuts….

we got an idea.. which was to order 2 drinks from the drinks counter and get the 2 free donuts and thats it…. no need to queue.

The baristas were cool people.. ahha willing to pose for the camera eventhough customers r all shouting for their drinks already..

found ourselves a table and waited for our drinks to be prepared… so we camho a bit.

ahaks. we managed to snapped a few photos before our names were called.

“Mr. goodlooking pOp! Mr. goodlooking pOp! your drinks and glazzies are ready!”

weeeee heavenly donuts and green tea blended.

oh then Albert came over to chat a lil.

sorry Al, you look a bit blur in the foto but its fine kan? hahaha


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