Jen Cuts Cake

This is the final post for Jen’s Siao Bday Party Water Fest

After defeating the water dragon… we started throwing people into the pool ahahha

We also played some games at the baby pool 😀

We played with ice too… and erm… putting ice at weird places.. lol

Finally.. we stopped all the games cos it was time to drink and sing song n eat cake. Seems like they had a hard time removing the cork!

Here comes the cake

We sang birthday song of course… in 4 different languages!

The cake was damn nice… everyone enjoy kao kao…

… and that’s it! Jen’s birthday poolside party. ahaha



  1. EVo

    Ur pics lately damn happy la..make me happy also! XD

    My pics here hmm. only got indians staring kekekee.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha cos of the happy event lo. glad to know ur happy too aha

  2. Emperor

    Looks more like a Songkran Water Festival! LOL~!

    Very WET occasion for all…

    Happy to see Jen having it wet with you all…


    smashpOp Replies:


  3. clarisseteagen

    Reminds me of old times with my friends

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah can still do it now

  4. KJ

    lmao! u got the picture of me stuffin ice into bryan’s pants.. LMAO HAHAHA

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah thats a damn good shot

  5. ahlost

    Wahh.. so much fun !! I think if we did this in Kuching ah.. Sure kena chased out from the area one !! 😀

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