Jenifers Bday Dinner

On 29th September, I went to CODO(above Little Vietnam) in Midvalley for Jenifer’s birthday dinner.

The food there damn nice i tell you… damn damn damn nice….. this is chargrilled lamb with rice.

Our gang reached there early cos we need to be there first so everyone else get to come in when they see us.

“ei ei lets take pics first before everyone comes!” Sylvia screamed while doing peace sign next to her cheeks.

and so we did… we knew we had to camho kao kao with everyone else later when the restaurant is filled with bloggers.

Sylvia then left cos she had to meet her sister n go somewhere…

Then a familiar face appeared. This guy recently cooked pasta for her date.

It was none other than the Boss of Nuffnang, Boss Stewie. hahaha he came and passed the present to Jen and left cos he had to rush to a wedding after that.

and then Reta came… she kept apologizing cos she had to rush off to somewhere also.


so we thought… aiya.. sure less than 10 will come… a bit sad…

then suddenly…. people start pouring in… fuh.. hebat.

first off… we got Fattien!

who came after him? Was it a group of people? A loneranger? A stranger? or…
NO ONE CAME(omg) ???

stay tuned! more pics tomoro. ahaha

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