Jenni’s OpenHouse

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!1 The last day of CNY holiday before I went back to work.

After meeting up with the Hitz chatters at Lowyat, I joined Junn, Jen, Hikaru and Ryan at 1 Utama to shop for a while…

the 4 of them “wan kat” wan.(“deliver orange” means go somewhere without the intention of achieving something)

go here go there .. tried the clothes.. played with the gadgets, poke poke the mannequins..

and one of the worst was when we went to Toy’s r Us to get some handphone dangles thingymajig.

Ryan: woi woi oi lao kai tan mou?
(hey wanna twist egg?)
pOp: kai tan? oh tiew tin wa gah?
(twist egg? of inside has those handphone dangle thingy isit??)
Hikaru: oi oi oi !
(want want want!)
Junn: pin jek?
(Which one?)
Jen: tang ngo look video sin! lei dei man man kan.
(Let me record video. you guys can take ur time n choose)

See the video. Only for people who understand cantonese. ahahha

and when it was about 7pm, we went to Jenni’s open house at SS2.

The moment we arrived, we makan makan makan til the food cannot pun inside stomach already n then we all sat in the living room..

and we enjoyed the new year cookies. damn nice. got chocolate chips, pineapple tarts… etc >_>

Posing a bit while playing cards eating mandarin oranges.

After that we camho-d a bit. That’s Avys, Jenai’s daughter. ahhahaa

she damn poser can

and of course must take a photo with the host, Jenni aka babyjen

and lastly before we left, a group shot.


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