Jen’s Besday!

Hi allllllllllllllllllll I just came back from Jen’s bday dinner at Dave’s 1 Utama.

Here are some shots from tonight.

We got her all these…. Lacost shoe, Hello Kitty lamp and Black Cat vector. She damn like! Woot! hahaha

It was our first time at Dave’s and we didnt know what was nice… now we know.. the half meters pizza damn niceeeee!

After all the camhoring n eating n crapping, we ended the dinner with hundreds of group shots. Notice the coincidental colour code of our shirts… black black… jen… blue blue… white white… red… grey grey.

We then went for a drink at TTDI plaza… Cheers!!!!!

More photos in December… 😀



  1. voch

    wow gambar last.. enjoys nya!

  2. Niki Cheong

    Did you get a haircut? 😛

  3. Tian Chad

    Nice haircut that make you looks fresh =)

  4. TZ

    This bar @ TTDI Plaza do have a delightful ambience eh~
    I will pay a visit to this place. BTW, where is TTDI plaza?

  5. uLi

    Long tongue you had :p

  6. kornykornelius

    pizZAAAAA!!! BEER SUMMORE~ Enjoynya~

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