Jiu Fen: This Place Is So Awesome, It Deserves 100 Likes

After visiting the gold mine, the bus took us to this area nearby called Jiu Fen. To be honest, this is the best spot I experienced in the whole of Taipei and it is also the reason why I would visit Taipei again.

The bus dropped us at this alley. So colourful and crowded with people.

The deeper we went in, the more food we found. They all look so good we had to stop at each shop! This braised minced pork rice is super famous in Taiwan. The fishballs has soup fillings they literally explode in your mouth.

Many shops there were selling these desserts with tangy yam and sweet potato. Much like Snowflake here in Malaysia but a lot more awesome.

This was how the yam and sweet potato balls were made.

Another street food we tried. Icecream wrapped with peanut and parsley. Wow. You have to taste to believe the awesomeness.

We then moved on to the famous staircase with tea houses on both sides. This place was so famous it got featured in a very famous Japanese animation a while back. Can you guess which movie? It shall be revealed in the next post.


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