JJ in da house

Here’s the finale of Rynn Lim Concert.

Ah Du left the stage and shortly, JJ jumped in and everyone cheered. lol

He performed a song together with Rynn Lim and then proceeded with his own solo.

The song ended with JJ intending to hug everyone lol. no la.

anyways… watch this video

I love this song. damn nice

Ah Du and Rynn then joined JJ whom have just finished singing… and they all talked a bit and then sang another jolly song.

The 2 guests had to pass the stage to the host since it was Rynn’s concert anyway…

No! he didnt sing the Rihanna song! ahhah it was just a prop for his last song.. 😀

so there you go…. Ling yu Zhong concert in KL

ada nice?

we (the 10 alpha shooters) then went out of the hall and gathered for a group shot.

eh? only 9? … 1 more lost in the hall maybe ahhaa

(if you are waiting for the above video to load, then don close this window ok?)




  1. JJ

    eh damn hate you lar = =”

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