Journey 2 Penang

OK OK Penang Photos All Mali Mali!

We took the train from KL Sentral to Butterworth and the journey took about 9 hours..

9 HOURS?!?!?!?? yes… from 10pm to 7am…. but then isnt this everyone’s sleep time? So don care le..

we were resting in our decks… and I was talking with Douglas when I saw a foot next to him!

ME: omg! how come got leg!?
Douglas: why so shocked? Mine la!

We then experimented with our body parts and see how much we can fold ourselves. lol

Seems like everyone can bend it like Beckham. 😀

It was about 11pm when we noticed everybody’s sleeping… so we went down the aisle and took more silly photos. haaha

Here’s one

Charming guy holding a dslr that shines in a dark train?

at about 12midnight.. we were hungry.. so we went over to the cafetaria for supper.

not much choices and Maggi seemed to be the cleanest edible objects around.

Aaron, Josh and I got same phone! GO NOKIA! click > HERE

we slept all the way and arrived at Butterworth station at about 7am.

I jumped before we hop on to the ferry.


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