Journey to Penang

Let’s talk about Malaysia.

Let’s talk about food.

Let’s talk about… my trip to Penang.

So.. about 10 days ago, I went back to Penang with my parents for ChingMing. Havent been going back for about 2 years already.. haha

so anyways.. we drove.. and as usual, we would stop halfway for food and also to rest a bitbit..

I took some pics.

The food there sux. Thats y there were so many empty seats.

I didnt eat. I then walked around the fruit stalls.

People started looking at me when I was squatting down in front of the guavas.

Ipoh is famous for its pomelos… but we were not in Ipoh at that time. Fake pomelos?

“wow, taking photos for some magazine?” he asked.
I smiled and then I asked if he would like to pose for the camera. He was shy but he finally gave it a try. I snapped. 😀

of course I snapped some other pics but too much of something is never good.

so i guess i will stop here.. and continue my journey to the land of char kuey teow..

Penang here I come.. lalala


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