Journey to Singapore

Weeeeeeeeeee finally… can post Singapore photos…..

so we took train to the lion city on the 30th august … so we basically counted down to Merdeka in the train. lol

the beds were all fully booked… so we got ourselves the ‘duduk sampai tulang bengkok’ tickets…. but its all good. we young people can tahan lol

our seat numbering.

so we started our journey at 930pm and the estimated time to reach SG was 7am the next day.

so we spent the whole night talking crap .. telling grandmother stories… playing DS… eating keropok n taking photos n videos.

here’s a video

somehow we fell asleep at about 2am.. and when we woke up… it was about 5am. We were at Johor Bahru… the train stopped for the passengers there to get on…

we went down the train cos it was too damn cold in there.

silly pose next to the sign board. haha if we go left.. we will eventually reach Singapore. Woahh!

Couldn’t wait to see Heroes… so we posed ourselves lo… hahaha anyways.. only 4 Heroes casts were going to Singapore.. 3 guys, 1 girl… just like in this photo. 😀

omg what happened next? Early morning in Singapore… hmmm jeng jeng jeng


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