July 2 Sept 2007

For those who has been reading my blog… did my recap refresh any of your memories? ahhaa

here’s July to September 2007

July 2007

– Gold Fever themed dinner at Bandung
– Bought the Nintendo DS Lite

– Attended the bloggers gathering at Friendster Cafe organised by Advertlets

– Dinner at Sushi Groove 1U with Stephenlim, Derek, logicyuan and the gang

– bought the NDS browser
– photoshoot at Putrajaya!

– camho’d with Jack as he was leaving to Australia
– captured the actions of ‘Star Celeb’ competition at 1U

– had dinner at Carls Jr with Maverick and Chris
August 2007

– Met up with Simonso at the ‘Design: Love or Money’ expo at Avenue K
– Reviewed the Taiko no Tatsujin game
– Celebrated Hiew’s bday at Luna Bar

– Lunch at Bumbu Bali.. for Nicole’s farewell

– Reviewed Nintendogs
– Did portfolio shots for my mum’s yoga instructor

– Posted fotos from the meetup with Sylvester and BenMoh
– Officially left fishtank

– lunched at Gafan Puchong
– posted Astro memories photos
– went to putrajaya again with Hikaru, Eunice, Shiamink and Hoekee

– ‘smashpOp Pimps You’ 3rd Edition

– Attended LG phone launching dinner at Rennaisance hotel
– Posted photos of my new office

September 2007

– Went to Singapore!
– Met the shoutout gang at Sunway Pyramid

– Steph and Cheryl’s bday at Italiannies the Curve
– Shot MIFC fireworks competition at putrajaya


– Met Heroes casts in Singapore!

– Went to Teched Briefing and WCG after that

– Shot Hitz.fm Lie Detector in Hitz.fm Studio

– Lunch at Taj Mahal Restaurant
– Went to Star Celeb photoshoot at Bed Club
– Lunch with Alvin, Andrew, Steph at D’lish Midvalley
– Volunteered to help out at Tech Ed, KLCC


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