JUMP! Comic Martial Arts. A Must See in Seoul

It was the 4th day in Korea… after meeting the ambassador, we went for dinner at this little shop.

Though tiny, they serve awesome food!

I cannot repeat enough. i.love.korean.food. LOL

We had to rush as our next programme was about to start.

We walked for about 10 minutes then arrived at this theater. They had this comic style martial arts show going on called JUMP!

No camera was allowed in the hall so this was the last shot before I fully enjoyed the show.

What’s JUMP: Comic Martial Art?

Watch this.

Comic Martial Arts Performance ‘JUMP’ is a story of the martial arts expert family, and clumsy burglars who break into the family’s home. After its Premiere in 2003, JUMP has been shown in 25 countries with more than 6,000 performances attracting audiences more than 2 million all over the world.

JUMP has created a new genre, which is non verbal comic martial arts performance, targeting to be a world-famous performance by expertly blending Dynamic Asian martial arts including the ancient Korean Tae-kkyeon and Tae-Kwondo with acrobatics and slapstick comedy

After the show, we got the opportunity to interview the casts.. thanks Korean Tourism Org for the help!

Then we went back to sleep. So that’s 4th night in Korea. NEXT UP! Last day!



  1. Swee San

    I watched NANTA and it was good too!!

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