Pudu #6: Jumping, Posing & Roti Canai

This is Pudu Streetshoot Chapter 6.

Chapter 1: The Legendary Hakka Noodles
Chapter 2: Spiral Hawkers
Chapter 3: Signs, boards, and signboards.
Chapter 4: Wet Market, Charsiew & Sleepycat
Chapter 5: She’s a butcher

We finally came to one of the open space in the market. Sky was bright clear and blue so we thought.. why not we whip out our flashes and take a posing shot with wireless flash.

We spent 10 minuted tryin to get the settings right.. LOL

Finally! The posers shot! 😀

We were shocked to see an old old lady staring at us pulling her trolley… did we block her way? hehe sorry ya 😛

We then walked out of the market and made our way back to where we started. Saw this mamak stall with some happy people there making roti canai. Hello macha!

… and we did the smashpop Jump at one of the backlanes. Good job WeiXiong and Eujuin! 😀 (More smashpOp Jumps in my Jumpilation Gallery)

NEXT UP: From Pudu to Pavilion!



  1. ah hong

    Should go visit Pudu jail as well pOp, LOL

    smashpOp Replies:

    next time will visit lol

  2. uLi

    So high!

    smashpOp Replies:


  3. goingkookies

    I like your first picture- The Market colour and your last shot- Pudu jump. Are these edited or posted as is?

    You should join some photography competition with your pictures. Ever tried joining the Digital Photography magazine competition they have in each issue?

    smashpOp Replies:

    wow thanks for your comment. hehe nah too lazy to join 😀

  4. clarisseteagen

    I guess it would have been a more soulful picture if you helped the old lady pull her trolley. She looks like she has a chronic back problem, poor thing.

  5. university student

    I personally like the Pudu Jump picture. Good effect!

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