Junns Bday Dinner

on 13th october, we went to Chilis Midvalley to celebrate Junn’s birthday.

We occupied 2 tables cos 1 table memang too kecik for us.

Who came? The regulars… do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti

Jacklyn, Jen, Adrian

Me, Hiew, Rames

then then then…. got a group of “saw few times before but never actually hang out properly cos Junn seldom ask themto join us” friends sitting with Junn at the other table..

presenting, the almost complete musical notes.

Junn n gang.

and sesi food fotography pun bermula.

our appetizer….

hikaru ordered this….

my lamb shank! … not so nice.. next time wont order this anymore.

oh more photos next! 😀


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