Kek Lok Si Lean

ok back to Penang photos.

after breakfast, Ah Lok drove us to Kek Lok Si Temple.

It’s one of the best known temples in the island. Situated at Air Itam..

Spent about 10 minutes in here taking photos. haha love my wide lens.

we climbed up the roofed pathway and reached another stop. I shot these candles there.

There were rows of Buddha statues along the walls and I was thinking… how to shoot these things leh?

Shoot from side? from front?

after scratching ma head for a while… I decided to shoot myself instead. lol

thanks Josh for helping.

then we took a ramp car up to the top floor.

A video of us on the way up. haha

We leaned right after we reached the top.

many hav asked how we did it. Some even say it was fake.

Here’s the ‘behind the scene’ shot. haha

Taken by Ah Lok using Josh’s cam.

So there you go. The trip to Kek Lok Si.

Of course there r more photos of the temple… but then how la… kenot fit all into a ‘maximum 7 photos’ post.

ok lah last one.

Next destination: Makan!

(don close this window if you are waiting for the video to load ok)



  1. Aaliyah

    It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference. Hats off to you my friend

  2. dragoncity

    how come the “behind the scene” photo no longer available?

  3. Liza Minnelli

    Any story about her is a good story. Aaliyah was amazing. A celebrity I both admire and miss. It’s a shame what happened to her. The original painting I own of her is stunning and will be kept forever!

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