Kingky Cindy Pop

On 29th June 09, I met up with Kingston and Cindy for dinner at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley.

Kingston just came back from overseas and I havent seen Cindy for years.

This is Cindy.. knew her back in 2001… wow 8 years!!

Cindy ordered this… looked damn good.

Kingston snapped some photos and then we were discussing how come the photos were not right.. lol

Mine! Damn sedap but very small portion for 23bucks… definitely not worth.


Kingston’s nasi kari ayam. Super big portion I think 2 person makan also can.




  1. jac

    nikon and sony, where’s canon? haha!

  2. Albert Ng

    Whoa, the Pasta Zanmai circular table looks almost exactly like Papa John’s with the tables in front in same arrangement! *makes mental note to bring an ultra-wide angle there next time and get the same table*

  3. vivimeow

    oh no, i love the Unagi Rice.. ur photos make me temping on it now.. aiks…

  4. kornykornelius

    fooo… D3…. you fren kaya betul!!!

  5. cHrIstInA_YY

    That big camera looks cool xD hehe, and I wanna taste that unagi don so much :)~

    P.S. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to u ^^

  6. EVo

    Yoooo brooooo!!!! congrats on the nike event…wish u coulda catch u all in action >.<

  7. Eric G.

    bro do you use any diffuser for ur flash ah? the lighting so nice one.. is this the mid valley branch bro? cause i remember mid valley very gloomy and had bad experience takin pics there

  8. tzywen

    wow, d3 and 24-70 and 14-24?

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