Kings Cross, Baby!

ok we were supposed to meet at the hotel lobby at 630pm for dinner… but Paul and I went down earlier to take some photos.

Thanks PaulTan for taking this shot for me 😀

and then we went out and walked across the street for some slow shutter shots… n also so take foto of the hotel.

at about 640pm… the rest of the gang came down to lobby and we took a cab to King’s Cross Street to find food.

Another reason we went there was because we heard that the place got ‘many THINGS to see’ lol

anyways, we then decided to have Italian food at this very small restaurant… we sat at a table at the backyard kinda area.. which was quite cool.

the appetizers

the main dishes…. there were somemore food but i didnt take fotos of em.

and guess what… another RM1k spent for a meal. lol thanks Nokia.

after dinner, we took a stroll down King’s Cross and we saw a book shop.

A book shop that sells…. ‘unique’ books.

… and many more… ahhaha

we continued walking and soon we were at the ‘red light district’… sort off.

strip clubs and adult shops were all over!!!!!




  1. John

    Hello from the UK! Nice site! Great Pictures! I’ve travelled all over the world and it seems that ‘Kings Cross’ area is always the red light district part of town! From London to Sydney!

  2. poker

    Wooow, great photos, the place looks awesome, you must be a lot of fun there.

    Utility Warehouse Replies:

    I agree with John on that one!

  3. Tyler Clarke

    i love Italian Food specially those juicy pastas. They are really delicious.’.:

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