KL Marathon 2010

Took part in the KL Marathon back in June at Dataran Merdeka. I started running with KL Marathon 2009 which you can read here.

All these photos and video were taken using my X6.

Ok So I arrived at the venue at about 630am.. took the earliest train at 6 with many other runners and this was how Dataran Merdeka looked like.
Many runners were already there getting ready. The full marathoners were already running at that time haha

Met up with Jian, Eric and Kevin after I placed my bag at the baggage area.

I was actually there with Hikaru… as we were walking to the starting line, we met Mich and Hungwei.. havent seen them for years ahaha

Took this when everyone was getting ready to run at the starting line.

Check out this video I recorded while waiting.

Run ended and I collected my medal. Woot!

Everyone was walking around, resting, chilling after the run.

Met up with some friends after that… these 2 fellas were among them.

Met my runner buddy too.

OK so that was some photos from my run at KL Marathon few months ago.



  1. ewinEE

    wooooot! 13Nov! faster

  2. Tz

    Dude, are going for the PBIM next weekend?

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