smashpOp’s Snow Jump! Goodbye Korea. Hello Malaysia.

FINALLY!!!!!! The last ever blogpost from my Korea trip few months back AHAHHAHHAHA

So after the seafood buffet dinner, we went on the bus and headed to Incheon airport.

Half way there… and something happened.

Something I have never experienced in my whole life.

Everyone got excited and were screaming in the bus.




Everyone got off the bus to touch the snow. LOLOLOOLOL jakun max.

How can you not take photo in the snow in front of the big Seoul signboard? 😀

what about the smashpOp jump? 😀

Once done, we got back onto the bus and continued our way to the airport. bid goodbye to the lovely tourguide.

Gotta pose a bit while waiting to check in lol

… and everyone was ready to go back to Malaysia after a 5 days trip to ANNYEONGHASEYO land.

So there you go. Korea trip done. BIG THANKS TO AIR ASIA X!



  1. xjion89

    love the snow flakes shotssss~~

  2. ken

    snow? meaning this trip was quite long ago.. haha.. it’s now gonna be summer up there right?
    anyway, cool jump pic – didnt slipped after landing on the ground ya? u know, the icy surface? 😛

  3. kornykornelius

    That time i visit no snow… after I bla the next day baru snow!!! STRESS GILER!!!

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