for the fact that no one came to work last friday.. those who r supposed to go out lunch.. came.. hehe
so we went to lunch at kuchai lama .. theres this shop which is famous with their fish head noodle.. (i nvr liked it until i tried this).. very nice.. they have lotsa tomatoes n line juice that makes it very appetizing.
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From L-R: Kim, Nao, Nicole, JasonDing

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From L-R:Hyperhex, Jen, Irene

and here comes the food.. muahahahahhahahaa
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I dono why but i like to take fotos of chili.. hmm maybe cos they are colourful.. and the loh shi fun in the middle is superb. they should call it super yummy loh shi fun ahha.

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The chicken wings are nice too. I tasted a little wine in it and theres the fish head noodle.. ah.. im hungry.


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