Lantern Carnival

For this post, I will be posting pics from the Lantern Carnival that I went to in Bkt Jalil.

But the text would be stuff not related to them.

I went to gym today and I was shocked when I saw my friend became a trainer there. lol.. I met him in the toilet somemore… so we talked while i was standing in front of the urinal. >_> weird.

I’m enjoying my new K800i these days… how? well.. i have installed many games in it.. games like Age of Empires(originally from PC), Rachet n Clank(from PS2), and loads of other fantastic games. Some r even multiplayer enabled.

Til now, I only have about 7 friends whom I can do video call with. What happened to all my other friends? You guys have 3G phones rite?? Then go activate your 3G services and start video calling me lah! ahahah (video call price = normal voice call price)

i like TRANCE, DANCE, TECHNO and JAZZ. woooOt!


so how was the PCD showcase eveeryone? pls let me know hwo it went ya.. lol


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