Last day in Macau!

After taking the glowing macau shots, we went for supper at McD.

Upon entering I thought to myself… maybe they have some new selections which are not available in Malaysia… and yes.. they did!

Try to look closely in this photo and see if you can spot any new stuff.

The next day… which was my last day in Macau… we went lunch at the nearby 24 hours restaurant.

While I was eating… I got an SMS from Melvin

“You in Macau?”

I replied “Yea.. why”

“Having lunch?”

I replied “omg ya… how you know”

“Im sitting behind you”

Then I looked back and saw him and his friend eating. ahahhha… he was staying at the same hotel as me too.. and he will be taking the same flight as mine back to KL… what a coincidence.

So after lunch, my parents went back to the hotel to rest… Melvin, his friend and me went to St. Pauls again.

Super hot .. sweat like hell. lol we then climbed up to the top of the ruins.

We made it… very breezy here.. we stood for like 15 minutes enjoying the view.

Look! humans! Those who are afraid of heights better not look down.

Oh btw.. just in case you didnt see the banner I put at the beginning of this post, all the photos here were taken using my N82.

Then we came down and took a few more shots before we went for a mobile phone camera photoshoot down the road.

There were a lot of stalls like this… cos tourist tend to buy drinks and snacks from them.

Here’s a video of us under the hot sun.



  1. EVo

    Really i didn’t see d banner and thought that somehow u got ur camera settings wrong lol.

    n82 pics look not bad la. what about in low light?

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha lowlight also ok cos got xenon flash

  2. day-dreamer

    Yerrrr how come overseas McD so nice one???

    smashpOp Replies:

    cos msia wan not nice. lol

  3. Alice Teh

    Ooooo what a nice coincidence to meet your friend there. 😀

    I like the “A look down the steps” photo.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ooo that foto also not bad. yea totally didnt expect to see him lol

  4. Nicholas Leong

    Wah Grape Mcfloat! 😀 And Milo Mcflurry! Saya nak!

    smashpOp Replies:

    milo mcflurry best!

  5. ahmike

    waliao N82 took great photos..

    smashpOp Replies:

    agree.. but n95 took better

  6. [email protected]!ra~

    wow!! looking good!! i mean the photos!!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah not me ah? lol

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