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This is part 9 of Alpha convention 08

Here are more food from Latest Recipe… the place we had lunch.

Someone wanted to see photo of the chocolate fountain.. so here you go.

I like this photo. lol.. vegetarian food…. I didnt take a single piece from this section.

Sifat! Seafood! lol I dont eat all these things… I only took them to take this photo… a bit the waste kan? >.<

I finished this one! Whole plate clean kaokao!

My favourite shot from Latest Recipe.

We took a group shot before we left for the workshops.


I’m going to Singapore tomorrow night! (13 Dec) until Monday (15 Dec) ahah I heard many people are going to SG at the same time too for Zoukout…. hmm anyways this photo was taken last year i think… at Raffles Place Sg.


Check this video out. Korean Boy singing “Touch My Body” (with Subtitles)



  1. day-dreamer

    OMG! The chocolate fountain so nice… *drools*

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahha damn talll too

  2. cHrIstInA_YY

    ROFLOL!!! Tarts my body??? Haha, that’s one funny video clip there! Btw, the chocolate fountain is making me drool~ so hungry now =x

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha seems like veeryone likes choc fountain!

  3. teddY

    I feel bad for not commenting for such a long time! Too bad I don’t have router at home and my brother is a WOW hardcore player (which explains everything).

    The food looks nice, although the first photo scared me a little. The thought of having droplets of chocolate splattering on your camera is quite scary! And chocolate is sinful 😀

    Have a safe trip to Singapore! Be sure to bring back nice photos, heh.

    smashpOp Replies:

    im back! ahahha althought u were in kl when i was there.. but nvm! lolol was with patrick n he told me about how u abandoned him n his halfdone new site lol

  4. maRCus

    i have NO IDEA why i actually watch the video clip from start to end..

    brrrr….. *shivers* XD

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