Leaving Sydney

on the 3rd day, we attended 2 Nokia events in the hotel ballroom itself.

The first was an interview and quiz session called “Music the way you like it” and the 2nd one was an N-gage event called “Get out and play”

I’ll talk about the music session in symbianpOp tomorrow.

in the 2nd session, we got to play and compete and experience the upcoming n-gage platform and got to know more about the new service.

after the 2 activities in the ballroom, we got the chance to interview the managers of each department of Nokia individually in separate meeting rooms. (will talk about it in symbianpOp tomoro also.)

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(this scallop was the entree.. main dish ill show nex time) Dinner that night was again provided by Nokia but this one is abit grand… as in.. everyone who came for the media event was invited to dinner at one posh restaurant nearby.

after dinner… we went on with some activities (which got me sleeping like a dead fish the next morning)

we checked out around afternoon and left Sydney then.

my sleepy face. lol

anyways…. these are just very brief updates on my Sydney trip. Full posts with photos and videos will be up after all my pending posts. lol


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