Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 Preview + TopShop Vouchers Giveaway!

So last 2 weeks Lenovo Malaysia invited me and some other tech bloggers for a dinner cum preview of their latest Ideapad Tablet K1. Check out some photos belowwwww.

The K1 in full glory. It’s powered by Android Honeycomb and has a 10 inch screen.

Unlike the other tablets in the market now, the K1 is the only one which dares to spot a red back (white and black is available as well). The K1 comes with 30 preloaded apps worth over RM200 in value.. apps like Documents-To-Go, Angry Birds etc.

Oh the food was awesome that night. Hahehehaheha.

The K1 features a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor which allows super fast multitasking, gaming and web browsing experience.

The product manager showing us features and apps on the K1.

In my opinion, the K1 is not thin enough and a little bit on the heavy side but its still tolerable. The Wifi 32gb model is RM1499 only. Cheaper than the other tablets in the market now.

Thats Bryan, Me and Tianchad. Thanks for the foto bro! Since we eat Japanese food.. we had to sit like Japanese! ahahha

OK I’ve got 2 TOPSHOP vouchers to be given out.

As part of Lenovo’s ongoing efforts to educate and highlight its Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 technology, Lenovo organised the global EExtraordinary 10-Seconds Hero Contest on August 3 to find ‘DOers’ from 17 countries to share their good deeds that can just done in 10 seconds. The submission period for the contest is over and voting has begin.

If you wanna win the vouchers, please click to http://lenovo.promo.eprize.com/hero/ and vote for the Malaysian! If he wins by getting the most number of votes, he will get US$50,000 to donate to his charity of his choice to realise his good deeds.

Once you are done, leave a comment and I will pick some of you for 2nd round. Will update u guys soon. So go vote, leave comment here with your name and thats it!



  1. Shin Thian

    I voted for M Hilal in the contest you mentioned.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Richard Teo (@richardT3o)

    Have voted for M Hilal as well =D

  3. DanielDime

    Voted for M Hilal a Bakar 😀

  4. Jacquelyn Ho

    Voted 😀

  5. stephy-nie

    Voted 🙂

  6. Andrew Lim

    My idea pad k1 bought only 1 week + then the mic is not working at all. I send warranty and i been wait for about 3 weeks also no ppl calling me. That was not an idea pad. They ask me to email to [email protected]. I did but no ppl reply me also. What a poor services and product.

  7. Ling Chi Wei

    I have voted for him. All the best. Make us Malaysian Proud =)

  8. Ruxyn

    Voted for M. Hilal! 🙂 Go Malaysia! 😀

  9. robin

    Voted for M Hilal A Bakar

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