Lenovo Waterlily

I just came back from the Lenovo All in 1 PC launch event at The Apartment, The Curve.

They launched 3 desktop PCs C100, C300 and A600. People are competing in this table tennis game to win the C300 PC… I was in the running too. LOL

I invited of ma 2 buddies along, Chris and Eujuin.

OK more photos on this event in November.

On the 22nd of May, my colleagues and I went for lunch at Waterlily Cafe, Puchong. They serve balinese food I think.

I ordered this… the grilled chicken was damn delicioussssssssssssssss lol a bit spicy.

They have ice blended of everything! Red bean, chendol, corn, yam.. etc etc.

Here comes the faces!

Ok finish kthxbye



  1. Maverickzack

    nice photo with colleague..erhem…erhem….

  2. kornykornelius

    “SookRong & Me”~ trying to tell ppl something here? lolz jk jk…

  3. TZ

    Dude, how you take such a nice portrait pictures? I wanna to learn on taking portrait 🙂

  4. suetmei

    sigh. chris and eujuin your buddies and im not ):

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