Let’s get Sushified!

Finally… the yummy yummy post is here… lol

Last week a few of us were invited to have dinner at Umaiya, a japanese restaurant at Damansara Uptown.

Let’s start off by showing our faces ok?

3 hemsem guys and a charming girl.

3 charming girls and a hemsem guy.

So there you go… 4 hemsems and 4 charmings.

This sushifying experience will take up 3 posts… this being the first….

We started off our meal with a baby octopus salad. Super yummy… prolly its the mayonnaise or the watever sauce they put in.. (pardon my ingredient-illiterate.. i know how to makan oni.. lol)

While we were still enjoying the juicy n crunchy baby octopus, salad and everything else, the waitress served beer.

Each gets a tall glass of tiger beer… and erm… yea free flow.

The next dish was this…. erm… all raw fish.. salmon… tuna… and some other fish… its actually kinda nice to dip these slices of fish into the wasabi mixed soy sauce.

Enjoying the food photos so far?

There’s more to come….. check back tomorrow.. ahhaaha

Oh! Just because you are reading my blog and you might probably be hungry now, you can actually go get some nice japanese food at Umaiya, Damansara Uptown at lower price!

Just mention “BlupBlup Umaiya” and you will enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill. Terms and conditions apply.

This discount is valid for the whole month of September 2008 oni. 😀



  1. Alice Teh

    smashpOp, thumbs-up for the foodie pics! I can’t wait to see more. Oooo free flow beer! yummm…

    The 4 hemsem and 4 charmings are cantik. Another thumb-up.

    Will definitely to my CEO (chief entertainment officer) to go “blupblup umaiya”…

    smashpOp Replies:

    thanks! wa 2 thumbs up d.. hehehe

  2. Emperor

    Hmmm… I noticed 3M+1F and 3F+1M… How come not pair evenly? Shy ah? 😛

    Lovely pic as usual… 🙂

    So where are the N96 pics of the models and etc.???

    smashpOp Replies:

    in symbianpOp lor.. ahaha

  3. -waiseng-

    Oh I enjoy the food and the pictures alot! I’m so sushified now. HAHAHA

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahhaa so enjoys hor

  4. Stanleyliew

    Japanese food is awesome! Not to crazy about the sashimi but sushi in general is great.

    BlupBlup Umaiya!

    smashpOp Replies:

    blupblup yay! come lets go japan. LAHAHAHA

  5. andrew

    omg… ah pop!!! bad la… u make me so wanna get sushified

    smashpOp Replies:

    AHAHA u also mms me nasi lemak wor 😀

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