Lewis Hamilton, Hungry Humans And The F1 Night Race

Part 1: The F1 Trip To Singapore By Sony
Part 2: ION At Night, Breakfast & F1 Briefing
Part 3: Buffet Lunch & Popiah!
Part 4: The meet at Starbucks Orchard
Part 5: Shooting Speeding Night Race
Part 6: Singapore Flyer Plank! Best Marina Bay View Ever
Part 7: A Night With Fast Cars & Millions Of People
Part 8: Shaggy, F1 Party, Clarke Quay & The Last Train Back
Part 9: Lunch with SG Buddies
Part 10: Giant Rockers & F1 Day 3

As I was taking a walk at the F1 circuit area, I snapped random photos along the way.

The food outlets were selling their stuff and super high price, knowing that people there could not get food from anywhere else.

There were live band performances too

… and I bumped into old buddy Esa and gf there!

When it was about time for the race to start, I went back to the paddock and waited. Look at her.. anticipating the race hehe

OK these guys were patrolling/cleaning/checking on the tracks prior to the appearance of the racers

A parade then officiated the event. Racers drove classic cars waving to the crowd.



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